What drives us?

We love making products and services.

Great digital businesses no longer win due to technical prowess alone. As the barriers to entry for digital services have been lowered, customers are left with more choice in the market than ever before. They are choosing brands with aligned values and products with capabilities that work for their needs.
We believe a customer-centric approach to developing products and services is critical to business success.

Our approach

Identify and commit to goals and measurements.

Engage in collaboration, communication and transparency.

We practice Lean UX, which applies lean principles and agile methodologies to design thinking. Great UX leaders know that brilliant ideas and design details are not enough to be successful. Delivering world class user experience also requires collaborative design leadership to ensure that the whole team is engaged, happier and more productive.

Early conversations and feedback on solution ideas is the strongest way to move forward with confidence. We don’t want to spend too much time exploring an idea that is technically challenging or be on our third iteration before you see what we’ve been working on. In our experience, a multi-disciplinary approach is key to moving quickly, ensuring simplicity, reducing rework costs, and ensuring team alignment.

Melissa Cooper
Founder and UX Strategist

Melissa Cooper works with businesses to build customer focused products.

Melissa's expertise is in customer research, innovation and solution design. She describes herself as a problem solver who fosters goal-orientated design thinking. Her passion is to create products that customers love and lead to business success.

Melissa's career spans over 15 years in San Francisco, Sydney and Adelaide.

Career highlights include joining Eventbrite as their first UX designer in 2011. As Director of UX, Melissa established a lean UX practice and built a team of 5 designers and 2 researchers. Melissa oversaw management responsibilities and created experience strategies to address company goals.

In 2015, Melissa moved to Dwolla to head up UX and Design. This role included managing UX, visual design, copy and front-end development. Together the team redefined Dwolla's core product offering to focus on a B2B audience. Key projects included a new merchant dashboard, developer portal, and on-boarding experience.

Melissa has designed user experiences for Australia's largest online publishers. While at Fairfax Digital she worked on SMH, Domain, RSVP and Stayz. At News Digital, she designed user experiences for Moshtix, news.com.au and The Australian. Melissa has also worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the Innovation Unit where she focussed on mobile user experience.

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